07/06/2022 Polyomino Area Magic Tori
20/09/2021 How Dürer's "Melencolia I" is a painful but liberating metamorphosis
02/08/2020 A Bimagic Queen's Tour
30/04/2020 John Horton Conway and LUX
01/03/2020 A Tetrad Puzzle
14/09/2019 List of the 880 Frénicle Magic Squares of Order-4
02/09/2019 Even and Odd Number Patterns on Magic Tori of Orders 3 and 4
13/08/2019 Extra-Magic Tori and Knight Move Magic Diagonals
20/06/2019 Pan-Zigzag Magic Tori Magnify the "Dürer" Magic Square
25/04/2019 Sequenced Concentric Rings on Magic Squares or Magic Tori
06/02/2019 Smart Filling
26/08/2018 Magic Triangular Pyramids
08/08/2018 Magic Tetragonal Octahedra
20/01/2018 Multiplicative Magic Tori
11/09/2017 Paired and Self-Complementary Magic Tori of Order-4
09/03/2017 Perimeter Magic Squares
08/02/2017 Area Magic Squares of Order-4
25/01/2017 Area Magic Squares of Order-6
13/01/2017 Area Magic Squares and Tori of Order-3
30/11/2016 Pandiagonality of the Squared Matrices of Associative and Related Magic Squares
25/01/2016 A Perfect-Square-Order-9 Partially Pandiagonal Magic Square
10/09/2016 Magic Torus Coordinate and Vector Symmetries
29/08/2016 Complementary Number Patterns on Fourth-Order Magic Tori
27/03/2016 First-Order Panmagic Torus T1
07/12/2014 A Magic Square Tribute to Dürer, 500+ Years After Melencolia I
26/03/2014 Magic Diagonal Sequences of 4th-Order Magic Tori
19/03/2014 Magic Sequences of the Sub-Magic 2x2 Squares of 4th-Order Magic Tori
18/03/2014 Magic Orthogonal Sequences of 4th-Order Magic Tori
26/12/2013 Fourth-Order Magic Torus Chart
17/04/2013 Alignment and Concentricity of Sub-Magic Squares on 4th-Order Magic Tori
28/03/2013 1,920 Sub-Magic Squares on 255 4th-Order Magic Tori
26/03/2013 Sub-Magic 2x2 Squares on Fourth-Order Magic Tori
25/03/2013 Fourth-Order Partially Panmagic Torus T4.098
23/03/2013 Fourth-Order Magic Torus T4.001
13/01/2013 Third-Order Magic Torus T3
12/12/2012 Fourth-Order Panmagic Torus T4.194
17/10/2012 3,036 Diagonally Magic 4th-Order Tori and 213,540 Diagonally Semi-Magic 4th-Order Tori
15/10/2012 Sixth and Higher-Order Magic Tori
05/10/2012 Table of Fourth-Order Magic Tori
28/09/2012 251,449,712 Fifth-Order Magic Tori
22/04/2012 A New Census of Fourth-Order Magic Squares
09/03/2012 From the Magic Square to the Magic Torus
09/01/2012 255 Fourth-Order Magic Tori, and 1 Third-Order Magic Torus

06/02/2019 Savant Remplissage
11/11/2011 Passage du Carré Magique au Tore Magique
28/10/2011 255 Tores Magiques d'Ordre 4, et 1 Tore Magique d'Ordre 3
10/08/2010 Les Carrés Magiques et les Sphères - 3
24/07/2010 Les Carrés Magiques et les Sphères - 2
23/07/2010 Les Carrés Magiques et les Sphères - 1